Global Corporate Social Responsibility VP H/F

Levallois-Perret, Île-de-France, France Fonctions Supports 2022-6234 CDI


As global CSR VP, you will:

Ensure Lagardère TR leadership on CSR by designing, coordinating and implementing the global Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

  • Monitor and assess the CSR global evolution in terms of expectations, regulations, policies, competitors, key actors in travel retail and neighboring sectors.
  • Define our strategy, i.e. positioning in the market, objectives and specific element of distinctiveness, in the 4 specific fields of Environment, Products and Ethics, Employee and Social.
  • Develop corporate short term and long term objectives and priorities at global level to be approved by the Lagardere TR Boards (Excom and Management Board) in line with lagardere group policies.
  • Define overall needs and resources required to pursue the strategic objectives.

Govern all CSR activities and specifically to lead the CSR committee team and the central CSR team as well as coordinating policy with the Lagardere group.

  • Defining and animating the overall CSR governance.
  • Lead the CSR committee made of the global responsible senior officers for each macro workstream (6 at the moment).
  • Manage the central CSR team (2-3 people at the moment).
  • Involve external organizations and engage consultants based on specific needs.
  • Coordinate activities with the Lagardere group to ensure coherent policies and objectives, as well as a successful group sustainability positioning.

Organize, support and lead the international CSR community of over 40 countries.

  • Foster the CSR culture and participation by engaging the CSR community made of representative of the Lagardere Travel Retail local companies.
  • Foster alignment and ensure that local initiatives concur to the global objectives.
  • Govern the implementation of the global policies approved by the Lagardere TR Boards.
  • Organizing the optimal deployment of central and international competences and resources to support specific country needs as well as international priority initiatives.

Drive implementation by defining objectives and KPIs, structuring key activities and projects.

  • Define specific objectives, metrics and KPIs for each CSR area with the contribution of the stream leaders, taking in consideration the local specificities of our local organization.
  • Organize international activities to support major CSR transformational projects (e.g. carbon footprint management): identifying priority initiatives and objectives, structuring activities, identifying internal as well as external resources, codifying and sharing results and know how.
  • Define data collection procedures and provide a regular reporting consistent with group policies and regulatory framework.

Communicate internally and externally as well as representing Lagardere TR in public.

  • Support the communication department on internal and external communication on CSR.
  • Understand client needs and support client communication and response to tenders.
  • Represent Lagardère TR in external events and industry conferences.



Skills and profile:


You have a Master’s degree or equivalent, preferably on Environment and Sustainability; as well as previous experience and responsibilities on CSR topic, with project management and international exposure.


You have an expertise in CSR, strong analytical and quantitative analysis capabilities, with competencies in activity planning and project management.


You are enthusiastic and passionate, with strong interpersonal skills including facilitation and didactic capabilities. You are able to work in international and multicultural environment, with transversal management and a cooperative mindset.


You are fluent in English; French is strongly recommended.

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